soulja boy is so important 

i think he would like me i really do

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i am so threatened by pretty girls they are terrifying 

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 - The 32 counties of Ireland

For putdownthepotato 

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Could you all reblog this so I can sell my lovely dress? Thanks!!!

I am the second owner of the dress, HOWEVER, the original owner only wore the dress once. I wore the dress between December 2012 and February 2014. This dress brought me lots of happy memories and lucky feises, and I hope it will do the same for you!

The dress has minimal body odor and is practically in mint condition. It is covered in gigantic AB Swarowski crystals. 

I wore this dress from age 14 to 15, but it is certainly suitable for an older dancer. I was 5’4 when I wore the dress. There is TONS of let out room. I wear a size 8 normally, but if you let out the dress it could easily fit a 10/12. Measurements are as follows:

(In inches)
Waist: 29.5 
Drop Waist: 35
Across Shoulders: 15
Bust: 35
Sleeve length (from shoulder): 22
Dress length (shoulder to hem): 31
Skirt length (waist to hem): 10

Asking price is $1300 OBO. Shipping costs are covered within USA. Returns are accepted within a week of arrival.

Bloomers and tiara are NOT included, but if you wear around a size 9/10 USA, I can throw in a pair of cute neon yellow shoes to wear at awards for an extra $5.

Message or email me at

More info at:

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Chloe gifs from the last few episodes for anon

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can you believe that there are people on this earth who have never seen this video before

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sorry sir my tears ruined my homework

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i love it when people try to hurt my feelings bc i don’t have any lmao

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i may not be that funny or athletic or good looking or smart or talented i forgot where i was going with this

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When you realize that almost everyone will be able to see thestrals after the final battle at Hogwarts

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if someone asks if youre wearing the same jeans as you wore yesterday and you are just say “have you ever heard of a washing machine” because they will think that you washed them but you are actually just assessing their knowledge of basic household appliances

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